Chartreuse is a French liquor made by some Carthusian monks who even today produce this collectable liquor and are the only one who do know the recipe and the procedure. The history of Chartreuse start in the 1605, when marshal D’Estrees gave to these monks a manuscript with written the recipe for a long-life Elixir. Because of its difficulty in the first time, it was not produced till 1737 in Grenoble. There some studies were made, and the liquor was made for the first time only for a local consumption.

The first liquor made was the Chartreuse Verde 55°, also called Liqueur de Santè. During the French revolution monks in order to conserve the ancient recipe, gave it to a pharmacist in Grenoble, who kept it until his death in 1816, when it came back to Monks property. The order was expelled from France in 1903 and since then the production was made in Spain in Terragona till the 1929. In this year the production was brought back to France.

The liquor is nowadays produced by monks, who guard jealously the recipe: the ingredients and the procedure, despite different studies, have not been identified yet. The Chartreuse comes from an infusion of 130 herbs that are macerated with high-quality alcohol and then distilled.

What make these liquor so unique is their ageing. The Chartreuse is one on the liquor that has the longest ageing in oak barrels, in the winery in Voiron, in the south-east of France. This winery did not change with time passing by, so when you enter there, it seems like a step back in time.

Concerning always the ageing, the Chartreuse Verde (“vert”) and Gialla (“jaune”), distilled in centenary alembic of tinned copper, have an ageing that lasts al least 3 years before being bottled, but there are also varieties that have 10 years of ageing.

From Chartreuse Verde and Gialla all'"Elixir Vegetal", from Chartreuse "Du 9° Centenaire" to "Mure Savage", obtained with the infusion of wild blackberries, swipe up and discover all the fine liquor Chartreuse.

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