Sparklings wines under water

Have you ever heard of sparkling wines aged in the depths of the sea?

This week we want to introduce you to two wineries that refine their bottles underwater; the first one refines its sparkling wines in the depths of the sea; the winery is called Bisson. We are in Liguria, where Pierluigi Lugano, an established sommelier who cultivated the dream of making the most of the wines of the Ligurian Riviera del Levante, successfully experimented with aging at a depth of 60 meters in the sea.

The second winery that refines its sparkling wines underwater is called Romanese. In this case we are in Trentino, in Levico Terme, in the middle of Valsugana; close to the Lagorai mountain range, near Lake Levico, the brothers Andrea and Giorgio Romanese started the wine business in 2009 with the aim of bringing the Valsugana viticulture back to the ancient dawns of the past. In particular, they have experimented, with excellent results, the refinement of their own Trentodoc "Lagorai", in the depth of the lake, at a depth of 20 meters.

We could ask ourselves: is it just advertising?

For sparkling wines aged at the depth of the sea, this maturation leads the bottles to be continuously cradled by the currents, creating a natural "remuage" of the yeasts, which guarantees on the one hand uniformity to the wine, and on the other hand the exchange of oxygen is cancelled, as there is a pressure of 7 bar.

For the sparkling wine aged on the lake bottom, instead, at a depth of 20 meters the sparkling wine manages to develop its aromatic profile at a constant temperature, both in summer, where in Levico Terme peaks of 30 degrees can be reached, and in winter, where a frozen layer is created on the surface of the lake; moreover, at such a depth the slightest brightness does not filter out, allowing to refine in really optimal conditions.

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