Lessini Durello

“Lessini Durello” is a denomination of Classical and Charmat or Martinotti Method (but not only) sparkling wines from the wealthy wine-growing area of Verona; the denomination joins and integrates the other white wines of the province, such as “Soave”, “Bianco di Custoza” and “Lugana”, and the well-known red wines of Valpolicella, that have become iconic throughout the Veneto region.

“Lessini Durello DOC” originates in the hills of the “Lessini” Mountains, the “Prealpi Veronesi” located between the provinces of Verona and Vicenza, and the birthplace of an enclave of Germanic origin, the “Cimbri”, who settled in the mountains in the 12th century approximately and still have their own dialect. An uncontaminated area of extraordinary natural beauty, the chosen land of “Durella”, the indigenous white grape variety of these lands, of ancient origin (there is documentation on the variety dating back to the end of the 13th century) that distinguishes “Lessini Durello” wines.

“Durella” is a grape variety that is characterised by its good resistance to common vineyard diseases and its marked acidity, making it ideal for sparkling wines. This grape variety must be present in “Lessini Durello DOC” sparkling wines for at least 85%, and can be enriched for the remaining part with a blend of other grapes such as “Pinot Bianco”, “Pinot Nero”, “Garganega” or “Chardonnay”.

The basic version of “Lessini Durello” is usually produced according to the Charmat or Martinotti method of re-fermentation in autoclaves (the same as Prosecco), while the “Riserva” version is obtained using the Classical Method of second fermentation in the bottle, with a minimum period of 36 months on the lees.

The sparkling wines are distinguished by more floral notes of hawthorn and elderflower, as well as typical hints of iodine and chalk, and a slender body with a savoury and sometimes bitterish aftertaste, making it very versatile in pairing, from cheerful aperitifs to more sapid or fatty dishes (the classic bubble that "degreases").

From the expressions of sparkling wines according to the Charmat or Martinotti method (but not only) of the “Maltraversi” winery, to those of “Metodo Classico Riserva 36 and 100 months” of “Sandro De Bruno”, scroll down and discover the selection of “Lessini Durello DOC” wines of the wineshop Wine Online.

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