Alta Langa

Alta Langa DOCG is today one of the best expressions of Metodo classico in Italy. Even if young, obtaining the DOC certification in 2002 ans the DOCG ones in 2011, the Metodo Classico is in Piemonte a reality since 1800, becoming in this way the first Italian Metodo Classico.

In the firt years of 800 in fact the earls Sambuy, fascinated by France for its wines, the started cultivating some French vineyard, in particular Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and started producing also sparkling wines that follow the rules of the Champagne. In 1848 Carlo Gancia came in the area of Reims in order to apprehend all the techniques and the secrets of the Champagne. At the end of the experience, he came back to Piemonte and started producing the first Italian sparkling wine following the Champenoise Method.   The Alta Longa as the name itself reminds engages the area of Langhe, in particular Asti, Alessandria and Cuneo. Wines are produced by a small group of winemakers for a small production that counts 650 thousand bottles. The rules are extremely strict and testify the ambition of the winemakers in Piemonte.

The sparkling wine Metodo Classico Alta Longa are normally produced as “Millesimati”, vintages, only in the best seasons. This allows the wine to differentiate from the others and to give the client a good guarantee. The grapes can be obtained at a minimum altitude of 250 meters, with a minimum density of 4000 vines per hectare, in hilly soils marly, calcareous clay with little fertility.

A slow ageing with yeast is provided by rules; it lasts 30 months for the base and 36 months for the Riserva. It testifies the high-quality of the product. Alta Longa sparkling wine can be obtained also with a 90% of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and a small addition of some white autochthonous vineyards from Piemonte not aromatic. The wine can be produced both in the rose and in the white versions, base or Riserva.

From Cocchi to Pianbello, from Roberto Garbarino to Cascina Fonda, swipe up and discover all the expressions of Alta Langa.

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